“Kara-Tinis” were a Hit as The Spokanites Rock San Francisco!

2010-02-20 San Francisco, CA - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 012 Ah, San Francisco.  Land of great food, great wine and great friends.  Fortunately for the Spokanites, all of these were in abundance during the Hitched 2010 tour stop in the city by the bay.

2010-02-19 San Francisco, CA - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 044As a start, San Francisco was great because we were finally a bit rested after the Asia leg and the quick turnaround to Scottsdale.  Sonya even had her voice back so everyone was in good spirits.  It’s also a bit closer and we were finally done flying United (we’re trying to burn all of the miles we have  racked up over the years) – Virgin America is the airline of choice right now for domestic travel.  Lastly, the show was being held at the spacious and elegant PNC Coliseum (PNC = Paul & Cynthia’s house) which gave us ample time to spend with these excellent hosts!

The actual event (for us) started with a rental-car visit to Costco to get the beer & wine, followed by a session of re-arranging furniture and toys at the PNC and hanging up Spokanites posters around the house.  Next up was the fantastic caterer.  I think we should leave it up to all of you fans to comment on her mad skills.  Yes, go down to the bottom and leave a comment.  We’ll wait…

2010-02-20 San Francisco, CA - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 001 Another huge highlight was an early visit by Michael & Kara Saucier, who brought a suitcase filled with ingredients to make their signature cocktail, the “Kara-Tini.”  They were a huge hit throughout the night with even ardent “I don’t like hard alcohol” folks changing their tune.  Big thanks to the Saucier’s for lugging that stuff all the way from Pleasanton on the BART.

I know we’ve said this before, but the real highlights of this and every show so far have been the fans.  We sold out once again with 50,000 fans (minus about three zeros) and it was great to see everyone getting into it.  Pregnant women with Spokanites tattoos wasn’t even the strangest thing we witnessed.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a rock star event.

2010-02-20 San Francisco, CA - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 005 Before we leave you, we should highlight the next day’s activities.  Robert (fortunately) got stuck on clean-up duty at the PNC while Sonya had the luck of being invited to a baby shower.  Complete with a nice hangover, she had the pleasure of sitting with 5+ babies playing games that included “smell & guess the flavor of baby food” and “match the celebrity baby to the celebrity.”  Yes, with a hangover.  Did we mention that Robert was happy to be cleaning up the party mess?

San Francisco photos can be found here.


The Spokanites

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