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Singapore Acoustic Gig. Stiletto night!

Acoustic?  Huh?

Well, as the Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour progressed through Asia, we started to notice that several of our close friends from Singapore were left out and couldn’t make it to Hong Kong or another show for some reason.  Remember, we aren’t spring chickens anymore so many of our friends have kids (or are about to), jobs, bills, etc.  You know, responsibilities.

Given all of this, and that it isn’t every day we are in Asia, we decided to take advantage of our one night stopover in Singapore (before coming back to the US) and we added a small show.  We had less time, less gear, and less of Sonya’s voice due to the Hong Kong party (aka ‘acoustic’).  That said, we had a great turnout and saw a few people we hadn’t seen in way too long (Bryan/Noah, Simon, James/Odna, Etc.).

2010-02-09 Singapore - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 001One of the highlights was “Stiletto Night” at the BLU Bar in the Shangri-La Hotel .  This meant that you get a 15% discount off the bill for every inch of heel you have (the tallest of the group).  Too bad Sonya sent the wedding heels home with her parents (which were about 5”).  She had some 3” heels with her still so we got 45% off the bill.  Great promotion – more bars should try this.

We had a great time out with everyone and then retired back to Mark & Kathryn’s apartment in Robertson Quay for some late night toast before a very short sleep.  We had a very early flight home to Seattle the next morning.  Thank goodness we burnt the miles and went first class on this one.  🙂

We only get 48 jet lagged hours in Seattle before we head South to Scottsdale for the first US party.  This could get ugly.  Stay tuned…

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