Hey Jimmy, It’s The Hong Kong Reunion Show!

First, have you been checking out the photos?  You can find them here!

Second, we are still seeing quite a few people who are at the shows, but haven’t seen the videos (crazy, I know).  If you haven’t seen them, get on it!

2010-02-06 Hong Kong - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 035 Ok, on to the news – the Hong Kong show was a huge success.  In fact, we were “bowled over” by everyone’s enthusiasm.  :)  That’s right kids, the Hong Kong Spokanites show was held at the LRC Bowl in mid-levels and included some serious bowling.

2010-02-06 Hong Kong - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 012 For the Spokanites, the day started out with us hitting some of our favorite spots around the city: brunch with our friend Anjali at Wagyu, followed by some shopping at Shanghai Tang and around Central and a foot massage at Happy Foot.  That was followed up ever so passionately with a nap.  Good times indeed.  Oh, I should mention we were staying at the LKF Hotel in Lan Kwai Fong and we loved it (upgraded room + newlywed gifts and great service + a great rate + a great location). 

After the nap, we were up and ironing for the big night.  Merchandise was sorted, camera charged, taxi called, and soon we were there.  First guest (and furthest traveled) was Jun Yamamoto from Tokyo! 2010-02-06 Hong Kong - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 018 Within a few minutes we had almost everyone (who knew we still had 20+ friends in HK).  One look around this room and you can see how lucky we are to have such a great group of friends.

After a few drinks, some snacks, some tattoos and some chatting we headed into the bowling alley and started what turned out to be a way too short round of games (who knew bowling would be so much fun).  Competition was fierce, but I think the overall champ had to be Kathleen Emerson who edged out Jeff Buhle in the last frame for a 177 (we think).

After getting ourselves kicked out of the bowling alley, we hit the LRC Sports Bar for another round and then got almost everyone to head to SoHo for a visit to Sonya’s favorite bar: The Feather Boa.  Crowded as ever in its tiny space, we got a great spot near the door and even survived the battle to get drinks.  Crammed into this postage stamp of a bar while chatting, we realized that Jeff kept referring to Jun as Jimmy, his new best friend.  Robert eventually called him out on it, which went something like this:

Jeff: “Jimmy is great. He’s my new best friend”

Robert: “Are you sure.  You don’t seem to know his name.”

Jeff: “It’s Jimmy, right?”

Robert: “No.  It’s Jun”

Jeff: “Well, he’s Jimmy to me!”

This became the running joke between the Spokanites for the next few days.  Good stuff.

Sunday started a bit rough.  Sonya woke up without much of a voice, not feeling too well, and it was raining.  2010-02-09 Hong Kong - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 001We had a short breakfast but returned to bed.  Eventually, we had to get up again for lunch and we decided to visit another favorite of ours in Soho for some nachos, Caramba.  It was a very short walk and we had a huge umbrella, but it rained so hard that we were soaked from the knees down in just a couple of minutes.  This continued all day.

The evening included Tea with Jun at the LKF, a visit to Kellie & Louis’s beautiful house in Tai Tam, dinner at The Pawn (another one we strongly recommend), and coffee with Mike and Ernie back at the hotel.  A big day with a bit of a hangover, but fantastic to be back in HK.

We rounded out HK on Monday with more shopping, seeing the Gibbons at the zoo, eating and hanging out with friends including a great dinner with Amber, Chris and Kathleen at Soho Spice.    Great catching up with everyone and plotting future hit TV shows.  Even saw Melvis on the way back and got a photo (see above) – no visit is complete without a Melvis sighting.

Next up – the recently added Singapore acoustic show.  Are we ready?

Best from the road,

The Spokanites

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