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the wedding and our “huge” guest star in galle, sri lanka

2010-01-25 Galle, Sri Lanka - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 175For those that have been waiting, here’s the official Spokanites wedding post.  We will try to keep this as short as possible to a) not bore you to tears, and b) allow ourselves to get back to relaxing here in Australia.

Wedding photos are HERE

Other Sri Lanka photos are HERE

Here’s the quick summary:

  • Jan 22nd – arrived in Columbo (parents and sister were already there)
  • 23rd – drove 3.5 hours South to Galle, where we stayed at the Lighthouse Hotel
  • 24th – hung around the Galle Fort
  • 25th – Unawatuna for lunch in surf town
  • 26th – the wedding day
  • 27th – return to Columbo
  • 28th – visit Sonya’s school with Room to Read
  • 29th – depart for Australia

Longer version:

  • Columbo, as most people will tell you, isn’t much to see.  Sri Lanka is all about the coast, and especially the S. coast around Galle.  We basically got in, spent over an hour getting to our hotel (the President’s motorcade caused a huge traffic jam in an already packed city).  We stayed at the Galle Face hotel, which is the most famous and classic of Sri Lankan hotels, but we don’t recommend staying there (more on that later).
  • The next day, we headed South in a bus similar to the one we met on (rented from the same company).  3.5 hour drive, with quite a bit to look at, including Tsunami damage from over 5 years ago.  Once at the hotel, it was time to settle in and enjoy ourselves.  Hotel was the Jetwing Lighthouse, which is the place our group was staying when we met.  Great hotel; great setting.
  • The next couple of days were spent visiting the Galle Fort, the Amangalla, and Unawatuna, a surf town on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka.  Among the highlights of this part were a) getting tailored shirts made for Robert & his dad, b) Saris made for the women, and c) our driver having a small accident and damaging the bus (slighly).

 2010-01-25 Galle, Sri Lanka - Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 223

  • Now for the wedding…  We will let the photos do most of the talking, but the wedding was amazing!  It was held on the beach at the Lighthouse hotel around sunset.  The weather was perfect, the guests were perfect, and our guest star was amazing.  Who was it?  A giant elephant Robert had ordered up for the wedding, in full Sri Lankan dress.  Sonya (and everyone) was quite surprised to say the least.  That said, there were many surprises.  To Robert, the biggest surprise was when Sonya unexpectedly sang to him in the ceremony! 
  • More wedding…  Our great friends Scott & Tija were a huge help throughout.  Scott as co-event planner and co-photographer; Tija as moral support, fashion consultant, and videographer.  Their daily gifts/cards delivered to our room were another highlight.

There will be more about the wedding in future posts, but for now you’ll need to spend some time in with the photos to get the full effect.  You can find them here.

Our final event in Sri Lanka was a visit to the school that Sonya donated through Room to Read.  We will get her to describe it in a separate post, but the photos for that are posted as well.

Cheers for now – we’re HITCHED!

The Spokanites