tour countdown: 3 days to go and too many to thank…

Now things are really getting close.  Outside of a heavy rehearsal schedule, we are starting to do things like pack for the trip, confirm flights, and redesign the wed site one more time (all updates from now onward can be found here on the blog and via Twitter (@spokanites).  Why aren’t you following us yet?

Before we get too far, there’s a few people we need to thank.  These folks have gone above and beyond in helping us with planning, design, video, etc. and we could not have pulled off a series of events like this without them.  Here’s a sample (in no particular order):

  • Travis Buckner, of Buckner Design in Phoenix (bucknerdesign@yahoo.com) – this guy did our logo and was a huge help making all of the merchandise look amazing.  He’s great.  Hire him immediately!
  • Chris Walton, of Visual Story Productions (and his wife Kate!).  You loved the first video and he’s the reason.  Just wait until you see what’s coming next.  For all of your photo and video needs, visit him online: www.visualstoryproductions.com
  • Chris Bewick – that phat guitar solo on “Together” comes from Mr. Bewick himself.  Added bonus: he’s another Spokanite!  “I’m just sayin…”
  • Tom Wilcox – thanks for house sitting while we are gone!
  • Loretta Campbell – Sydney will be rockin’ because of you Loretta.  Thanks for a killer plan down under!
  • Scott & Tija Wilson – thanks for your help throughout, and even before we thought this thing up.  Can’t wait to share some cocktails with you on the beach!  We owe you more than one for sure.  Fans, if you need a great event planner in Asia, contact Scott at www.onefortyseven.com.au.
  • Robyn Hylton – how cool is it that Robert’s sister actually got ordained just to marry us.  Not sure how to thank you, but we’ll be trying for a long time.
  • Paul & Cynthia Baramound – these are the hosts of the San Francisco party, and party we will.  Hope the cleaners do a good job after we leave.  Thanks!!!
  • The Sandoval crew in Scottsdale – not only are you letting us use the ‘arena’ for our show, but putting us up in the 5-star palace.  Can’t wait!
  • Mark Wales & Kathryn Dioth – two stops in Singapore and shelter provided by our favorite new couple in the city state.  Thanks for putting up with our strange schedule.  Can’t wait to see you!
  • Ged Gilmore & Ollie Sands – shelter in Sydney, courtesy of the ever entertaining G&O.  We’d be trapped without you guys.
  • Rob Jekielek & Melanie Pereira – a roof in New York and help with locations in the hardest city of them all.  Much appreciated!
  • Jay Duenas at Room to Read – Thanks so much for helping us with the school visit in Sri Lanka.  Can’t wait!  Fans, donate more money now – they rock!
  • Our agents:  Sonya’s parents Nick & Leslie Zilka; Robert’s parent Bob & Colleen Hylton.  Say no more – they made us.
  • Many, many others – various help with locations, caterers, ideas, input, etc. include Michael Saucier, Beth & Matt Gousman, Peter & Amy Harding, Dan & Sondra Harding, Ian Adam & Libbi Langford, and the bachelor and bachelorette party attendees!

I’m sure we missed many, but we’ll thank you all in person or here at some point.

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, get on it.  We’ll be sorting out t-shirts for the trip tomorrow and need those sizes.  Look for another update shortly.  

The Spokanites – Sonya Zilka & Robert Hylton

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