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Dr. Seuss vows in Seattle – the spokanites unplugged

[posted from Sydney, Australia]

Now that we have had the official Sri Lanka ceremony and are formally married, we thought we should let you backstage for a deeper look at rehearsals.  Basically, in order to avoid having our legal arrangement be confirmed in a developing country and forever being bound by their laws, we actually had a small ceremony in Seattle with our families before we left.  The honorable Reverend Robyn Hylton (Robert’s sister) performed the ceremony. 

After telling a few people how we did it and how funny the vows were, they convinced us that we should post them online.  

Here they are – enjoy our childishness…  (NOTE: this was only part of the ceremony)


Robert Hylton & Sonya Zilka

Wedding Vows – December 27, 2009

To honor the child in all of us, and the teacher among us, we defer to Dr Seuss

Reverend: Will both of you, answer me now,

These questions as your wedding vows?

Sonya: Yes, we will answer you now,

Robert: Your questions as our wedding vows

Reverend: Will you take her as your wife,

Will you love her all your life?

Robert: Yes, I take her as my wife,

Yes, I’ll love her all my life

Reverend: Will you take him as your spouse,

Sonya: As long as he doesn’t dirty the house!

Reverend: Will you have, and also hold,

Just as you have at this time told?

Sonya: Yes, we will have, and we will hold,

Robert: Just as we have at this time told

Sonya: Yes, I will love him all my life

Robert: And I now take her as my wife

Reverend: Will you love through good and bad?

Whether you are happy or sad?

Robert: Yes, I’ll love through good and bad,

Whether we are happy or sad

Reverend: Yes, I will have and I will hold,

Just as I have already told

Reverend: Will you love her if you’re rich?

Or if you’re poor and in a ditch?

Robert: Yes, I’ll love her if we’re rich

Sonya: And I will love him, in a ditch,

I’ll love him through good times and bad,

Whether we are happy or sad

Robert: Yes, I will have, and I will hold,

(I could have sworn this has been told!)

I promise to love, all my life,

This woman as my lawful wife

Sonya: Yes, I will happily be his wife!

Reverend: Will you love her when you’re fit,

and also when you’re feeling sick?

Robert: Yes, I’ll love her when we’re fit,

and when we’re hurt, and when we’re sick

Sonya: And I will love him through good and bad

Robert: And I will love her when glad or sad

Sonya: And I will have, and I will hold,

Ten years from now a thousand fold

Reverend: Will you love with all your heart?

Will you love till death you part?

Sonya: Yes, we will love with all our heart

Robert: From now until death do us part

Robert: And I will love her when we’re rich

Sonya: And when we’re broke and in a ditch

Robert: And when we’re fit, and when we’re sick

(Oh, CAN"T we get this finished quick?)

Sonya: And I will love through good and bad

And I will love when glad or sad

Robert: And I will have, and I will hold,

And if I might now be so bold,

I’ll love her my entire life,

Yes, I WILL take her as my wife!

Reverend: Then if you’ll take her as your wife,

And if you’ll love him all your life,

And if you’ll have, and if you’ll hold,

From now until the stars grow cold,

And if you’ll love through good and bad,

And whether you’re happy or sad,

And love in sickness, and in health,

And when you’re poor, and when in wealth,

And if you’ll love with all your heart,

From now until death do you part,

Yes, if you’ll love each other through and through,

Please answer with these words:


Sonya: I DO!

Robert: I DO!

Reverend: THEY DO! … YAHOO!

Robert: To you my dear, I give this ring,

for it is special, not just bling,

wear it proud, as you have vowed,

for you are mine, till the end of time.

[put ring on brides finger]

Sonya: To you my love, I give this ring,

for it’s your sweet love, that makes me sing,

Now I give my heart, so true,

the rest of my life, to be with you.

[put ring on groom’s finger]


By the authority vested in me by the State of Washington, and those in attendance, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

Reverend: You’re married now! So kiss the bride,

But please, do keep it dignified.


Back in the real world. You know, the one with internet access…

2010-01-22 Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 02 - Singapore 004Been looking for tour updates from the Spokanites?  We have too, but connectivity has been a bit limited in Sri Lanka.  The band has just landed in Singapore and should have a better online story from here on out, so look for real posts about how its going (hint: the wedding rocked, and had a huge guest appearance!) on the road very soon, including tons of photos.  We are off to Sydney in about 30 minutes so you won’t see anything new until we are down under.

Rock on!

The Spokanites


Day 2 – the spokanites (and the eagle) have landed! Singapore

2010-01-20 Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 02 - Singapore 001

Let the games begin!  We touched down in Singapore just after midnight and were picked up by our driver Andrew who was waiting with the sign pictured above.  What a great start.

Following a great sleep, we spent the day in Singapore walking around Robertson Quay.  After lunch, it was off to the Singapore Zoo (one of Sonya’s favorite pastimes).  If you haven’t been, it is an excellent one (as far as zoos go).  That night, our friend Kathryn took us out for a lovely meal at Oosh, complete with bubbles and excellent food. 

The following afternoon we headed off to Sri Lanka for the big show (wedding), but not before a great lunch with Kathryn’s husband Mark.  Topic of discussion: adding a Singapore show when we pass back through on Feb 9th (Singaporeans – look for news on that shortly).

We’d say we are off to a good start…

The Spokanites


One spokanite gets a year older, high above the pacific ocean…

For those of you who don’t know, Sonya’s birthday was on the 20th.  Given that we left on the 19th and landed in Singapore on the 21st (crossing the international date line), the only time we experienced the 20th was over the pacific and during our short layover in Tokyo.

2010-01-19 Spokanites Hitched 2010 World Tour 01 - Pre-Trip & Sonya's Birthday 005

That, however, did not stop the Spokanites from celebrating.  Here’s a photo of Sonya with her cupcake delivered via flight attendant (but from Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle courtesy of Mr. Hylton).  We got a happy tear out of her so I think it was a good birthday after all. 

In Singapore now, but off to Sri Lanka tomorrow for the first show.  Can’t wait!!!

Please wish Sonya a belated happy birthday by adding some comments.

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24 hours until departure; Beyond the music videos

It’s go time people!  No more time to rehearse and work on choreography. 🙂

The biggest news at this point is the updated wed site, complete with new videos.  You can see them at the site, or just view them below.  Many many thanks to Chris Walton for making these.  As you can tell, they are so good that it almost starts to look like we are a real band.  It even forced us to write and record some actual music which was great (and yes, that is Sonya singing at times).

Enjoy having a good laugh at our expense – we deserve it…



If you want to see the press conference video as well, you can get them all here or here.  Hope you enjoy the show.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the most up to date coverage.


The Spokanites


tour countdown: 3 days to go and too many to thank…

Now things are really getting close.  Outside of a heavy rehearsal schedule, we are starting to do things like pack for the trip, confirm flights, and redesign the wed site one more time (all updates from now onward can be found here on the blog and via Twitter (@spokanites).  Why aren’t you following us yet?

Before we get too far, there’s a few people we need to thank.  These folks have gone above and beyond in helping us with planning, design, video, etc. and we could not have pulled off a series of events like this without them.  Here’s a sample (in no particular order):

  • Travis Buckner, of Buckner Design in Phoenix ( – this guy did our logo and was a huge help making all of the merchandise look amazing.  He’s great.  Hire him immediately!
  • Chris Walton, of Visual Story Productions (and his wife Kate!).  You loved the first video and he’s the reason.  Just wait until you see what’s coming next.  For all of your photo and video needs, visit him online:
  • Chris Bewick – that phat guitar solo on “Together” comes from Mr. Bewick himself.  Added bonus: he’s another Spokanite!  “I’m just sayin…”
  • Tom Wilcox – thanks for house sitting while we are gone!
  • Loretta Campbell – Sydney will be rockin’ because of you Loretta.  Thanks for a killer plan down under!
  • Scott & Tija Wilson – thanks for your help throughout, and even before we thought this thing up.  Can’t wait to share some cocktails with you on the beach!  We owe you more than one for sure.  Fans, if you need a great event planner in Asia, contact Scott at
  • Robyn Hylton – how cool is it that Robert’s sister actually got ordained just to marry us.  Not sure how to thank you, but we’ll be trying for a long time.
  • Paul & Cynthia Baramound – these are the hosts of the San Francisco party, and party we will.  Hope the cleaners do a good job after we leave.  Thanks!!!
  • The Sandoval crew in Scottsdale – not only are you letting us use the ‘arena’ for our show, but putting us up in the 5-star palace.  Can’t wait!
  • Mark Wales & Kathryn Dioth – two stops in Singapore and shelter provided by our favorite new couple in the city state.  Thanks for putting up with our strange schedule.  Can’t wait to see you!
  • Ged Gilmore & Ollie Sands – shelter in Sydney, courtesy of the ever entertaining G&O.  We’d be trapped without you guys.
  • Rob Jekielek & Melanie Pereira – a roof in New York and help with locations in the hardest city of them all.  Much appreciated!
  • Jay Duenas at Room to Read – Thanks so much for helping us with the school visit in Sri Lanka.  Can’t wait!  Fans, donate more money now – they rock!
  • Our agents:  Sonya’s parents Nick & Leslie Zilka; Robert’s parent Bob & Colleen Hylton.  Say no more – they made us.
  • Many, many others – various help with locations, caterers, ideas, input, etc. include Michael Saucier, Beth & Matt Gousman, Peter & Amy Harding, Dan & Sondra Harding, Ian Adam & Libbi Langford, and the bachelor and bachelorette party attendees!

I’m sure we missed many, but we’ll thank you all in person or here at some point.

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, get on it.  We’ll be sorting out t-shirts for the trip tomorrow and need those sizes.  Look for another update shortly.  

The Spokanites – Sonya Zilka & Robert Hylton


tour merchandise is here!!!

Just a quick tour update:  The t-shirts are in (along with other stuff)!!  Get ready, and if you are nice we will post a few photos of them.  Other updates:

  • It’s the countdown week so things are hectic
  • Getting together last minute travel plans
  • Finishing touches on another video, including Spokanites music!  Watch the site and blog for more info.  If you had the “they have too much time on their hands” reaction to the first, you won’t believe the second one…
  • How do you pack for this thing???  I guess that is what the credit card is for.
  • Figuring out how many times we will need to buy champagne at various duty free stops along the way.
  • I’m sure there is more, but I need to make some more music for the video – by for now…

Robert of The Spokanites

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