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Hitched 2010 tour – tickets on sale now! Free!

That’s right fans – if you haven’t heard, not only are the Spokanites launching a world headlining tour early next year, but tickets (RSVP) went on sale TODAY!  Get them while they are hot!!!  Limited seats available (not really).


I lived through the bachelor party…

2009-12-10 Whistler, BC - Bachelor Party 149

Whistler, BC – six friends, skiing, drinking, eating and plenty of fun.  Glad I lived to tell the story.

Actually, by some people’s standards there wasn’t much of a story (e.g. the lack of entertainment – attempted, but 0 for 1 from the boys).  That said, the hangover was world class. 

Thanks to the entire crew – see you on the tour

2009-12-10 Whistler, BC - Bachelor Party 015 2009-12-10 Whistler, BC - Bachelor Party 050 2009-12-10 Whistler, BC - Bachelor Party 087


Are you ready, planet? invitations to rsvp coming soon!

You may have thought we have been a bit silent lately, but we have been very busy.  Not only did both members survive their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties last weekend, we also got a few things done. 

Starting this weekend you should see some changes to at least the tour page of the site and the ability to get tickets (RSVP) to the shows.  Some of the locations have been confirmed along with ALL of the dates.  Look out world, the Spokanites are ready to rock the planet.

All the best for the holidays!

The Spokanites – Sonya Zilka & Robert Hylton