update: tour planning progress

We’ve been asked by several people in the last week or two…  “How’s the tour planning going?”

The short answer is ‘very good,’ but a better answer would be ‘very busy.’  We are confirming the US dates of the tour and also trying to confirm the venues at each stop.  Sri Lanka is confirmed and so is Adelaide (thanks Scott), but we still need some great ideas for Sydney.  I’m thinking we just bring some food and drink to the beach and do as the Aussies would.  Anyone have any better ideas?

Keep in mind the big issue here – how does one throw 8 parties without going broke in the process?  So far so good, but it is risky.  🙂

Hong Kong is almost confirmed and I think we found a great solution there (hope it works out).

As for the US leg of the tour, here are the dates we are close to announcing (if any of you are reading this and have a problem with it, let us know asap!):

  • Feb 13th – Phoenix
  • Feb 20th – San Francisco
  • Feb 27th – New York
  • March 6th – Seattle

Other things on the agenda – RSVP/ticket links.  As promised at the press conference, we are trying hard to get the formal RSVP links on the web site this month.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Each city will have an evite page associated with it
  • All invitees will get a proactive invite for the city they are closest to, but you are encouraged to attend more than one or whichever you might like.
  • Still trying to figure out security on that one as these shows are “invite only” and there have been quite a few people joining the fan club that we don’t actually know (which is great btw).  

Last up… tour swag!!!  Many have asked about one thing in particular – will there be t-shirts?  Of course there will be t-shirts – it’s a tour of one of the hottest fake rock bands on the planet.  The bigger question would be “What else?” and for that I will start with “no comment.”  You should go ahead and read that as “there will indeed be more.”

Stay tuned…

The Spokanites – www.thespokanites.com

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